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African Wildlife Auctions is the group for Wildlife Auctions and Livestock Auctions that has developed an online auction portal, which allows the wildlife and livestock industry to move into the world of online technology, with a live game and livestock auctions for the first time in Southern Africa. 

These online auctions are a joint cooperative initiative between live auctions & auctioneers and Wildlife Auctions. The portal allows the stakeholders in the wildlife industry to participate in live online auctions on the internet. It also allows game farmers and industry players to view auctions online via video streaming technology on the internet. This technology has been developed in conjunction with major players in the industry and will move the wildlife industry forward into the online world of the internet, thereby assisting stakeholders and the wildlife industry to reach all corners of the world, while enabling buyers of wildlife to participate in auctions from anywhere where there is internet connectivity.

The online auction portal was specifically developed to allow wildlife industry players to participate in online auctions on the internet without having to travel hundreds of kilometres to attend live auctions. For those parties who have a keen interest in following every single game auction, they can now view these auctions online and stay in touch with the wildlife industry by viewing all major live auctions online and keeping track of the bidding at these auctions.

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Background and Motivation

African Wildlife Auctions (AWA) was established in 2014 through a joint venture between two major players in the South African auction industry, namely AWA and Wildlife Auctions.

This new business has rapidly become the dominant force in online wildlife auctions, while at the same time owning game pens for physical auctions in Vaalwater. These pens, acquired in 2014, have been upgraded and adhere to the international standards applicable for the holding of wildlife.

AWA’s rapid growth now sees it selling more than 1 000 plains game animals on a monthly basis. The dominance achieved in this arena is a result of identifying a gap in the market thus ‘looking after’ the smaller game breeders.

The bi-weekly plains game auctions are integral to AWA’s success, and the market dominance in this area is supplemented by monthly auctions of more exotic game. This two-pronged approach will ensure that AWA remains the dominant player in plains game, but also sets it up to become a dominant player in the exotic game market.

AWA is the ONLY company and auction house that has an internet portal available in the market, having said that, live streams auctions are available to anyone, anywhere in the world free of charge. AWA is one of the three companies in South Africa with the ability to video stream live events. This has enabled the company to overcome numerous technical challenges and provide a platform through which all players can easily interact with each other, tech-savvy or not.

In the first year of operation, AWA has seen excellent uptake of the platform with 20% of all game on offer sold via the online auction platform. It is anticipated that this unique offering will grow to 50% within the next year, and with no other players on the horizon, AWA looks to further strengthen the market dominance in the near future.

We have shown rapid growth in Limpopo and Mpumalanga, which has laid the groundwork for us to expand to the rest of South Africa. We have received numerous requests from specifically the Northern Cape, as there are a vast amount of game farms and rare game breeders in the province, with very few game auctions.

We are eager and capable to supply the Northern Cape with our exceptional service in capturing, selling, translocating and capturing game for the auction market.

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