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Giving Back to the Community

2023 Giving Back To The Community

From January 2023 AWA will launch a Community Project called Giving Back

The objective of the Giving Back project is to form a sponsored program whereby the communities, schools or churches can get something back. This will be a major booster for entities that house different fundraising initiatives during a specific year.

AWA is well known for accommodating some of the largest game auctions over the past years and we have therefore decided to launch an initiative whereby any community projects can join in the venture to get something in return should they decide to sign up and become part of the partnership of giving back.

How Does It Work

  • The sponsorship program is based on referrals. When a client you referred to AWA, signs a contract for either game capture, game-, livestock- or asset auctions, you qualify to participate in the giving-back programme
  • In return, the client or entity will be able to select a specific fundraising project that will form part of the profit-sharing initiative.

Rules of the Giving Back Project


All community entities that would like to participate, needs to register below.

Unique Number

A unique number will be allocated once the registration has been completed.



All referrals must note or quote the unique number to enable us to activate the specific referral as a sponsored auction.

Profit Sharing Option

A percentage of all successful referrals will be paid out to the registered selected party/entity within 7 days after the auction has been completed.

Alternative options for profit sharing

  • 25 % for the individual’s referral
  • 75% for the selected /sponsor company

Who can participate in the initiative?

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Community fundraiser initiatives

Application form for Giving Back to the community

Entity Type

For an Enquiries

Please contact our office for any further enquiries