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Wildlife Auctions

The bi-weekly plains game auctions are integral to AWA’s success, and the market dominance in this area is supplemented by monthly auctions of more exotic game.

Asset & Moveable Auctions

African Wildlife Auctions shall have the right to, regulate and control the auction.

Livestock Auctions

The website is the first of its kind in South Africa. It has been developed to facilitate transactions between livestock dealers, livestock farmers/sellers and livestock buyers.


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Game Capturing

AWA Game Capturers and their partners are also involved in Exotic Game Breeding Projects and thus fully understand the stress and strain not only for the game in transit but for the Buyer/Seller during transportation. Capturing is done in conjunction with a select team of veterinarians and experienced helicopters.

The capturing of game/wildlife is done in conjunction with a select team of veterinarians and experienced helicopter services.

AWA Game Capture supplies and installs the game capturing nets at the farm of the client and then makes use of experienced and qualified veterinarians and helicopter services during our game capturing services. Clients can also select to use their own veterinarians and/or helicopter services during the game capturing program.


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We pride ourselves in the professional transportation of your exotic game with experienced staff that are very knowledgeable.

We offer continuous communication from commencement to the desired destination that will put even the restless at ease.

We are fortunate to be able to transport a wide variety of game from the smallest antelope to buffalo. Our services are available countrywide, with our offices based in Vaalwater at the African Wildlife Auctions Game Pens.




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Marketing & Multimedia


Our photographers are experienced in wildlife photography bringing out the best in game.

Graphic Design:

Our in-house designs include billboards, vehicle Branding, magazine adverts, flyers etc.

Video Production:

We produce quality video productions through HD filming and professional video editing.

Advertising Planning:

We are able to assist in putting together an advertising plan which best suits your needs.

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