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African Wildlife Auctions has developed three online auction portals, which will allow the Livestock, Wildlife and Asset Auction industry to move into the world of online technology, with live auctions for the first time in Southern Africa.

These online auctions are a joint cooperative initiative between live auctions, auctioneers and Livestock Auctions, Wildlife and Asset Auction Industry players. The three portals allow the stakeholders in the specific industry to participate in live online auctions on the internet. It also allows users and industry players to view auctions online via video streaming technology on the internet. This technology has been developed in conjunction with major players in the industry and will move the online auction industry forward into the online world of the internet, thereby assisting stakeholders and the auction industry to reach all corners of the world, while enabling buyers to participate in auctions from anywhere where there is internet connectivity.

The online auction portal was specifically developed to allow online auction industry players to participate in online auctions on the internet without having to travel hundreds of kilometres to attend live auctions. For those parties who have a keen interest in following every single online auction, they can now view these auctions online and stay in touch with the different auction industry players by viewing all major live auctions online and keeping track of the bidding at these auctions.

General Information:
  • Non registered users can still view the auction online during the day on the specific website by selecting the specific auction.
  • The auction will only be available on the website for bidding at the time set for the auction. No bidding on the lots will be available until the auction is open;
  • Registered users will only be able to bid on the lot open for bidding. No other lot can be bid on unless the administrator opens the lot for bidding. Lot open for bidding will be in conjunction with the auctioneers at the live auction and only lots open live for bidding at the auction will also allow bidding by users for the lot on the internet;
Livestock Auctions
  • The website will inform a bidder as soon as the lot has closed for bidding. A “Bid Closed” sign will be displayed over the specific lot. The website will inform bidders of the outcome of the auctioned lot. This information will be displayed over the specific lot;
  • If a bidder is successful, a transaction document will be emailed to the bidder with all relevant contact details and information of the lot to allow the bidder to get in touch with the relevant auctioneers and transporters of the day.
  • All terms and conditions set by the auctioneers of the day will apply to the successful bidder of the lot including payment and delivery.
Bidders can apply online to participate in a specific auction.

The process for this will be as follows:

  • Bidders must be a registered users on one of the three websites;
  • All Bidders must be registered as a bidder on the specific website to participate in a specific auction;
  • Users can register for the specific auction under his profile by selecting the auction the bidder wishes to participate in. The selection button is at the top of the users’ profile and needs to select the “Live Webcast Auction” selection button;
  • The website system will send the bidders request to the auctioneers of the day for approval;
  • Approved bidders will be allocated a bidder number and value authorised by the auctioneers. This info will be emailed to the bidder and will also be available under the users’ profile on the specific website; The bidder will then be able to participate in the specific auction such bidder has been approved for.


The Auction will only be available on the website for bidding at the time set for the auction.
  • No bidding on the lots will be allowed until the auction has opened;
  • Bidders will only be able to bid on the lot opens for bidding;
  • The opening of lots for bidding will correspond with the opening of lots by the auctioneers at the live auction.

The following is included:

  • Auction and Transport Administration
  • Marketing
  • Notebook and two screens for the online administrator
  • Loading of catalogue on the website. The catalogue needs to be provided 5 weeks before the auction to ensure that you get the full benefit of the electronic catalogue
  • Online catalogue for the auction

The following is excluded:

  • Additional marketing (refer to point number 2)
  • Livestock pens
  • Livestock feed
  • Catering / Flowers / Coffee station on the day
Preliminary deadlines for sellers and catalogue

Documents required per seller:

    • Information Document for Livestock (per animal or per lot)
    • Photos per animal or per lot
    • Registration form and business logo, FICA requirements
    • The registration process for online auctions (only for sellers’ information)

Final catalogue from the seller

Complete documentation is required five weeks before the auction:

    • Loading catalogue 2 Weeks Insert date
    • The catalogue was sent out for approval (1 Week)
    • Approval from sellers and last changes (1 Week)
    • Catalogue final and sent out for marketing (1 Week)
    • This gives us two weeks for marketing on the catalogue
    • Should you require it before the above-mentioned time frames, send it through and we will amend it accordingly.

    The above-mentioned time frame is based on a complete catalogue auction. If the livestock is on boma the time frame will differ.

Contact Details:

Natalie Muller:

Cellphone:  +27 82 444 9968